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The Short Story Project

My journey to and from work includes a 40-minute métro trip, morning and evening. Lucky for me, it’s all on the same line so there are no changes. This means I can sit down with a book, and only need lift my head at the station just where I should get off. Or I can write.

I found out last September that I could write about 200 words each trip. That means 400 words a day. 2000 a week. So, I got out my notebook, went back to one of the stories that I had started in 2004 {provisionally nicknamed ‘Died’}, and started it off all over again. When we got to the end of January I wrote ‘THE END’, and closed the notebook. Almost immediately, more adventures started coming, so I took another notebook, and just continued writing. While I did keep up the writing, I didn’t particularly like where the story was headed, and so decided to stop until I had typed up ‘Died’, revised it, and was happy that it was finished enough to work on the next one.

Which was when I started the ‘Short Story Project’.

Believing that the only way to get good at writing is to keep on at it, I decided to start writing short stories, any story in fact, and just write to the end. And then the next, and so on. Once I have started one, I finish – no matter how bad, or weird it is, or if I don’t have an end [or even a middle in sight]. I figured that even if I only write a short story a month, at the end of the year, I’d still have 12 to show for it.

As I see it, there is very little market for YA urban fantasy short stories. So what to do with them? Well, I didn’t have to think long before I decided: Why not give them away?

If someone does find them and reads them, and does like them, that’s fine. Perhaps then this reader may pass on a story to someone else, and who knows, I might even find a publishing outlet like that. But even if I don’t, I’ll still have readers. And hopefully reactions and remarks.

So that — in a nutshell — is how this version of thePowerFactory came about. As a way to make my short stories available.

I’ll publish them as I type them up. This will be irregular, but you can subscribe by RSS [for those who like those sort of things], and I’ll see about putting up a notice on Twitter and other similar places.

Better than that, I’ll also make the stories available as Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licensed works so that you can build upon them, adapt them, translate them, or just share. And I’m including the ShareThis tool to make it easier for you to do that.

So, welcome to my Short Story Project. I hope you enjoy reading the stories here, and have as much fun as I did in writing them.

last updated: Wednesday, 1st July, 2009

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