The End of the Year Report

Although I haven’t posted much here, it has been a busy year. Last year I finished my latest book, and diddled with another for about six months before setting that one aside as it wasn’t going anywhere fast.

In September 2011 I started planning a new story. I worked on that plan for about 4 months, and then, in January started the next book in earnest. It currently stands at just short of 150000 words for the first [rough] draft and I am in the thralls of the last few chapters. When that is finished I will set it aside and start planning the next one.

Also this year I revised “Black as Snow” completely rewriting a few passages and correcting hundreds of typos. I then created a nice new e-book edition. I also selected and revised a number of short stories from my short story project into one book. These are both awaiting the time to finish the covers, and then I’ll make them available for download, and probably to buy on some platforms. In passing, the unrevised edition of “Black as Snow” has now been downloaded more than 2760 times and that makes me sort of happy.

I have a refreshed version of this site planned for when I can bring the e-books out… some time next year.

So arrangements for next year are already conspiring to take what little free time I do have: revise the latest [unnamed ms.]; plan and write the next book; finish the book covers; get the books out into the wild; redo the site…

Maybe I will even try to blog more regularly next year as well as I feel that I have been neglecting that a little.

Now it’s back to transcribing texts from my notebook, then school — for the rest of the week — and then… surviving the christmas holidays!

All the best to all, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. See you next year.

Posted: Wednesday, 19th December, 2012

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