Time out

I have decided to put my short story project on hiatus until January. Things are already busy for me, and they will become even more so in the coming weeks. I have exhausted my supply of advance stories — in fact I’m racing to finish tomorrow’s story — and if I don’t stop I’ll be gambling that I can finish a story a week on an even tighter schedule. Not possible.

But I’d also like to take this occasion to look back on the project. And to see if it’s possible to draw any conclusions.

For a start, since starting in May, I have published over 67000 words here. As that is also the rough size of the novel that I’m currently editing, that means, by my own personal yardstick, that this project currently weighs about a novel. I’m quite proud of that achievement. That’s not to say I have written 22 masterpieces, far from it I think in my despondent moments, but I have shown myself that by getting down and working I can produce something. Some of the stories are decent. Some are in severe need of polish and different degrees of rewriting. Some are better forgotten. Oh well, can’t win them all.

The second positive thing for me with this experiment is that a previous novel Black As Snow has now been downloaded over 150 times. That may seem a ridiculously small number and it probably is. But that is 150 times more than if it wasn’t available here. Perhaps one or two of those downloaders even read it, and perhaps, just maybe, someone liked it. So that’s another win.

Now, quite frankly, I need to charge my batteries. I need to prepare my lessons, I need to re-build a reserve of stories, I need to breathe a little. I’d even like — if I can find the time — to go back and rewrite some of these. But for that I need time.

So — except if I dig out an old story to post at Chrimblemass — I’ll be back in January. See you then. And why don’t you bring a friend with you next time.

Posted: Wednesday, 25th November, 2009

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