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From time to time I like to read through the things that people type into search engines and that bring them along to this site. This is the current list… [My comments in square brackets.]

  • free reads
  • short short stories online
  • free short stories
  • free zombie short stories online
  • freereads
  • my short story in 200 words [looks like someone trying to do hisherits homework online]
  • spooky stories for teens
  • “his trainers stink” [yep, that they do!]
  • “it rained” a short story
  • book about boy who breaks into school
  • boy hangs himself from tree in greenwood
  • children’s online responsibilities short stories
  • depth smiling of dog of police under earth [this I cannot fathom…]
  • drive carefully,there’s a computer looking at you
  • explosion charred “white suit”
  • free french stories online
  • free online stories boys first time
  • free reads short stories
  • free short spooky stories
  • free short stories on time capsule
  • free short stories online
  • free short story
  • free short story in illustrations [no illustrations as yet…]
  • free simple french stories online
  • free spooky short stories
  • free spooky stories
  • free stories online
  • fur hospital story [???]
  • house in the wood spooky stories
  • make short story online free
  • off road kids buggies [bet this person was disappointed]
  • reggae drive careful
  • short stories online prison [no! reading liberates!]
  • short story about under the greenwood tree
  • stories on fur [‘on’ or ‘about’?]
  • teen spooky short stories
  • trees in the greenwood
  • what id the ending of night train [what id indeed?]
  • writing spooky stories

Here’s to the next few month’s weird selection then.

Posted: Monday, 26th October, 2009

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Before she knows it, she is called on for help by a trio of strange creatures who live in the woods nearby. And then the rabbits... Oh yes, the rabbits.

Fantasy, comedy, and more than a touch of spookiness in this strange tale where things quickly get Black as Snow.

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