A lick of paint over the cracks

Well, if everything has gone to plan, the new design is in place. And I’m waiting for your reactions. My design brief to myself was… I wanted something a little more ‘spooky’, and a clear statement on the home page to show what the site was about. The effect, which I like, is due in no small part to the gorgeous photo, entitled Winter morning @ Blundeston, Suffolk, by Flikr user timparkinson, and made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license - Thank you, sir. I don’t have a Flickr account so I can’t post a comment there, but if someone else can, I’d be most grateful.

And speaking of comments, I do hope that the new design has not broken the comment system I’ve been using. I have tried to keep everything together, but as this is a third-party service, I might have busted a link something. If your comments have disappeared, please let me know.

Next week, I’ll be posting the first of the next batch of stories. I have a few typed up ready, but August was not that good a writing month, probably due to the fact that we were all away on holidays, and the Wombat does demand a lot of attention [but he does deserve it, he’s still most lovely and loving toddler]. This writing-and-publishing-a-story-a-week lark is harder than I thought, but I am quite happy to have 10 already online, and another 3 in stock [including one that is so long it took me 3 weeks to write, and so I’m thinking of publishing it as a two-parter], plus 1 on the boiler. And no idea what’s going to happen after that! But I think there will be a future post on the topic of writing, and other stuff planned for the last months of the year.

So, to all of you following this adventure, Thank you. And don’t forget to send links to the stories to all of your friends. Because it’s readers and comments that make this all worthwhile.

Posted: Thursday, 27th August, 2009

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black as snow Juliet has just moved to the country. She doesn’t like her new school, she doesn’t like living on a stinking farm where it always rains. Then she starts seeing a pony, waiting outside at night in the rain. And she’s sure it’s waiting for her...

Before she knows it, she is called on for help by a trio of strange creatures who live in the woods nearby. And then the rabbits... Oh yes, the rabbits.

Fantasy, comedy, and more than a touch of spookiness in this strange tale where things quickly get Black as Snow.

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