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This blog documents my staying at home and writing (and the subsequent whatevers to that writing). It also serves as an online journal for friends and family. It is more-or-less guaranteed to be sans intérêt to most anyone else.

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snaps for Mum and the world since the middle of last week

2004 Reading List

Being a list of books read during the current year.
Moving Pictures
Soul Music
Faust Eric
Small Gods
Carpe Jugulum
Men At Arms
Feet of Clay
Lords and Ladies
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad
Guards! Guards!
Interesting Times
Equal Rites
The Last Continent
Wyrd Sisters
The Eighth Colour
The Light Fantastic
Dark Side of The Sun
Only You Can Save Mankind
Johnny and The Dead
The Discworld Companion (with S.Briggs)
- Terry Pratchett
A Child Across The Sky
The Wooden Sea
The Land of Laughs
From the Teeth of Angels
A Marriage of Sticks
- Jonathan Carroll
Northern Lights
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass
I was a Rat!
Count Karlstein
The Ruby in the Smoke
The Shadow in the North
The Tiger in the Well
- Philip Pullman
Charmed Life
The Lives of Christopher Chant
Witch Week
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Magicians of Caprona
- Diana Wynne Jones
What a Carve Up!
The Rotter’s Club
A Touch of Love
The Dwarves of Death
The House of Sleep
- Jonathan Coe
The Empty Sleeve
The Sound of Coaches
Blewcoat Boy
- Leon Garfield
The River Styx Runs Upstream [Le styx coule à l’envers - Nouvelles]
- Dan Simmons
The Black Book
Set In Darkness
The Hanging Garden
Hide And Seek
Black And Blue
Bleeding Hearts (Jack Harvey)
Witch Hunt (Jack Harvey)
- Ian Rankin
The Wish List
Artemis Fowl [2]
- Eoin Colfer
Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K.Rowling
The Shining, Stephen King
Eastern Standard Tribe, Cory Doctorov
Free for All, Peter Wayner
Desolation Point, Dan Brown
Darwinia, Robert Charles Wilson

2003’s reads can be found here.
les dessins d’akio
Images represent [left to right]: Habitation // Gastronomy // Gastronomy // Gastronomy // Buddhist Temple // Buddhist Temple // Bridge // Bridge.
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Amsterdam, August 2003
Images represent [left to right]: Silk-screened poster in the window of the Art School // That Zadie Smith book again, in the Thalys going there // Tree-lined canals, houses on canals, bridges and bicycles over canals -- Amsterdam has lots of all of these // At night, along a canal, not far from our Hotel, not far from the Rijksmuseum // Reflecting // FontShop style bike [severly type orientated joke there...] // The Ground beneath Her Feet // Don’t say I didn’t warn you: How transnational corporations adapt to the local markets.
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Images represent [left to right]: Ludivine asleep // In the Métro, Fête de la Musique, 2003 // In the street, Fête de la Musique, 2003 // At home before leaving for Amsterdam, August 2003 // Ludivine puzzling out an advertising card, at a very nice Indian restaurant with a very Swiss/Invisible Typography menu, Amsterdam // Ludivine’s feet, Amsterdam // Amsterdam. Again. // On the canal boat in Amsterdam, looking annoyed, just before asking me to stop taking photos with the camera right up next to her face.
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Let’s test again...
...like we did last summer...
Another photo from Ludivine’s birthday/housewarming party in 2003.
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Testing, testing... 1,2,3...
Images represent [left to right]: Kim in the Métro. Ludivine and I are off camera // Kim and me at home // Buildings in the Netherlands seen from the Thalys train during our trip to Amsterdam in August 2003 // A street corner garden in Amsterdam seen during a stroll at night // The bed in the Hotel in Amsterdam [the legs are Ludivine’s; she had given me the Zadie Smith book before leaving. It was great fun.] // Akio at Ludivine’s housewarming/birthday party // The sky over Montreuil - 2004 // Akio at Ludivine’s party. Again.
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