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This blog documents my staying at home and writing (and the subsequent whatevers to that writing). It also serves as an online journal for friends and family. It is more-or-less guaranteed to be sans intérêt to most anyone else.



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2006 Reading List

Being a list of books read during the current year.
· Peter S.Beagle: The Last Unicorn
· John Christopher: The Pool of Fire
· Ayerdhal, & J.C.Dunyach: Étoiles Mourantes
· Haruki Murakami: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, A Wild Sheep Chase, Kafka on the Shore, South of the Border, West of the Sun, After the Quake, Dance, Dance, Dance
· Michael Chabon: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
· Jonathan Stroud: Ptomely’s Gate
· Ayerdhal: Consciences Virtuelles, Mytale, Balade Chroréïale, La Bohème & L’Ivraie, L’Histrion, Sexomorphoses
· Philip Pullman: The Broken Bridge
· Frédéric Lenormand: Mort d’un Cuisinier Chinois, Madame Ti mène l’Enquête, Le Palais des Courtisans, L’art délicat du deuil
· Jonathan Coe: The Accidental Woman
· Arthur C.Clarke: Rendez-vous with Rama, The Fountains of Paradise
· Arthur C.Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell: The Trigger
· Arthur C.Clarke & Gentry Lee: Rama II, The Gardens of Rama, Rama Revealed
· Angie Sage: Septimus Heap Book 1 - Magyk, Septimus Heap Book 2 - Flyte
· Ian McEwan: Amsterdam, Atonement, The Innoncent
· Roddy Doyle: The Commitments, The Snapper, The Van, The Woman Who Walked into Doors, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
· Christopher Fowler: Disturbia
· James Morrow: Towing Jehovah, The Eternal Footman, Blameless in Abaddon
· Laurent Genefort: Omale, Les Conquérants d’Omale, La Muraille Sainte d’Omale, La Mècanique du Talion, Une Porte sur l’Ether, Les Chasseurs de Sève, Le Sand des Immortels, Les Croisés du Vide, Les Engloutis
· Melvyn Burgess: Redtide
· Terry Pratchett: The Carpet People, Night Watch, The Last Hero
· Tobias Hill: Underground
· Matthew Pearl: The Dante Club
· Helen Fielding: Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason
· P.D.James: Cover Her Face, A Mind To Murder, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, Innoncent Blood, The Skull Beneath the Skin, Death in Holy Orders, The Black Tower, Shroud for a Nightingale, Death of an Expert Witness, A Taste for Death, Devices and Desires, Unnatural Causes, A Certain Justice, The Murder Room
· Lawrence Block: The Burglar who thought he was Bogart, Out on the Cutting Edge The Sins of the Fathers, In the Midst of Death, Time to Murder and Create, A Ticket to the Boneyard, A Dance at the Slaughterhouse, A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Devil Knows You're Dead, Everybody Dies, All the Flowers are Dying, The Burglar in the Closet, The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza, The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams, The Burglar in the Library, The Burglar in the Rye, The Burglar on the Prowl
· Orson Scott Card: Enchantement
· David Brin: The Kiln People, Postman, Uplift War
· Ian Rankin: Resurrection Men
· Justine Larbalestier: Magic or Madness
· Margaret Atwood: Surfacing
· Michael Connelly: The Black Echo, The Concrete Blonde, Trunk Music, Angels Flight, A Darkness More Than Night, City Of Bones, Lost Light, The Poet, Blood Work, The Lincoln Lawyer
· Herbert Lieberman: The concierge, La Nuit du Solstice, Le Vagabond de Holmby Park
· Eoin Colfer: The Opal Deception,
· Jasper Fforde: The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots,
· Ian Sansom: The Mobile Library - The Case of the Missing Books,
· Alexandra Marinina: Black Note,
· Faye Kellerman: Stalker,
· Jonathan Kellerman: Blood Test, Monster, Doctor Death, The Murder Book
· Nouvelles des Siècles Futurs, An Anthology compiled by Jaques Guimard & Denis Guiot

Reads from 2003 are here.
Reads from 2004 are here.
Reads from 2005 are here.

2006 Film and DVD List

Being a list of films viewed during the current year.
· Good Night, and Good Luck, George Clooney
· Pompoko [Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko], Isao Takahata
· The Pacifier [DVD], Adam Shankman
· Millions [DVD], Danny Boyle
· Truly Madly Deeply [DVD], Anthony Minghella
· La Double Vie de Vèronique [DVD], Krzysztof Kieslowski
· Layer Cake [DVD], Matthew Vaughn
· Ice Age: The Meltdown, Carlos Saldanha
· Natural City [DVD], Byung-chun Min
· Garden State [DVD], Zach Braff
· Volver, Pedro Almodóvar
· Tideland, Terry Gilliam
· A Cock and Bull Story, Michael Winterbottom
· Flightplan [DVD], Robert Schwentke
· Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Gore Verbinski
· Casino Royale, Martin Campbell
· X-Men: The Last Stand [DVD], Brett Ratner
· Superman Returns, Bryan Singer
· Nanny McPhee [DVD], Kirk Jones
· V For Vendetta [DVD], James McTeigue
· La Science des Rêves, Michel Gondry
· Infernal Affairs II [Mou gaan dou II] [DVD], Wai Keung Lau, Siu Fai Mak
· Infernal Affairs III [Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan] [DVD], Wai Keung Lau, Siu Fai Mak
· A Tale of Two Sisters [Janghwa, Hongryeon] [DVD], Ji-woon Kim
· The Fountain, Darren Aronofsky
· Mirrormask, Dave McKean
· Labyrinth [DVD], Jim Henson
· The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [DVD], Garth Jennings
· National Treasure [DVD], Jon Turteltaub
· The Weather Man [DVD], Gore Verbinski
· Bandidas [DVD], Joachim Roenning, Espen Sandberg
· A Bittersweet Life [Dalkomhan insaeng] [DVD], Ji-woon Kim
2005 Film and DVDs are here.

My latest project mogWerks has gone online. There is another part here for the open source activities. Please feel free to drop by, say hello, and recommend us to your friends.

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little known facts about cats

Cats and Mindwaves

Cats emit two different sort of mindwaves. Humans are quite sensitive to the first type, technically known as the come – over – here – right – now – and – stroke – me waves. Unfortunately—and all cats will tell you this—Humans are less sensitive to the second type, technically known as I’m – bored – of – being – stroked – and – you’re – making – a – bad – job – of – things – now – just – leave – me – alone mindwaves. And I’ve got scars to prove it.

Opposable Thumbs

Cats do not have opposable thumbs. This means that they have trouble opening the freezer. This also means that it is highly unlikely that The Cat opened the fridge and ate the last of the ice cream, however much she wanted to do. It is much more probable that it is a crotchety old man, even though he protests and blames The Cat.

Retractable Claws

The Cat, unlike Humans, has retractable claws. But this means that, again, unlike Humans, The Cat can’t push her claws out to clean them with a nail file. This might explain why The Cat has caked blood under her claws, and why she leaves stains on light-coloured surfaces.

Cats and the Web

As cats are responsible for human civilisation—according to Boris Cyrulnik, they pushed humanity to create housing so that they could get close to the radiator—they also inspired the creation of Internet so that they could communicate using all the pictures of themselves that people post there. (Incidentally, this is why cats watch TV, they think that it is the Internet and are waiting for the cat pictures to appear).

PS. Cats are probably the only quantic animals [see below], which also explains their affinity for the Web which was, you will also remember, developed at the CERN, an international center for research into quantic physics. See, it all comes together.

Sharpening claws

The ultimate elegance of all cats is to ignore the scratching post that you will buy it when the cat starts clawing up the furniture, as The Cat has no wish to destroy this hideous new decoration, preferring to continue with the ones it has already broken in.


The Cat that has managed to hide itself in the dirty linen basket can be alive or dead. You cannot know until you open the basket and examine everything. Without an observer, does the cat exist at all? This is one instance of quantic behaviour by cats.

But, the real enigma is: Is the cat that has managed to hide itself in the dirty linen basket just asleep, or is it patiently ripping up all your delicat undies and favourite shirt that just happen to be in there…

Cats Falling

It is said that cats always fall on their four paws. This is not true. In fact, cats—being quantic animals [see elsewhere]—re-arrange the world around them as they fall in order that their paws meet the ground. In this instance, the distance that they fall is directly proportional to the time it takes them to rearrange the world, and not to any vague human notions like distance, gravity, mass, etc.

This also explains why the idea of building a perpetual motion machine through the means of a slice of buttered toast fastened to the back of a falling cat is doomed to failure. Buttered toast is not known for its quantic properties and so the cat will always win out.

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