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artwork credits

¶ The beautiful [& spooky] photo ~ entitled Winter morning @ Blundeston, Suffolk ~ used on all pages is by flickr user timparkinson. This image was made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. ¶ The beautiful Twitter stamp is by deviant art member shadowed-light-waves. ¶ The RSS feed icons were downloaded from ¶ Other artworks are treated in Pixelmator & Acorn. ¶ Backgrounds got a lot of help from the free Grunge Brushes made available by function.

about the site

¶ ThePowerFactory is managed using a [near] bog-standard installation of the Open Source Pivot CMS. ¶ Mockups were prepared with Espresso which I later abandonned for Coda. ¶ I made use of the blueprintcss CSS framework. ¶ Entries are marked up with Markdown, probably in the PHP Markdown flavour. ¶ Currently things are standards compliant and should work in Safari or Firefox. I haven’t looked at the site in Opera, but I suppose everything should be reasonable. Some day I will get around to checking things in IE, I promise… ¶ Other tools used to get to here from there include Google Analytics, Feedburner, ShareThis. ¶ I’m giving Disqus a try for comments… It seems a bit sloooow at times. What do you think ? ¶

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other tools

¶ I type up my stories using the excellent Bean Text Editor which is particularly neat in full-screen, no-distractions mode. ¶ I create the PDF files using Apple’s Pages application. ¶ I have recently become addicted to Spotify for streaming music. ¶ Oh, and I probably could not survive without Sidenote and Quicksilver on my Mac. ¶

last updated: Friday, August 28th, 2009

about me

Photo: Photo Booth by Apple

¶ I live in Montreuil, just outside of Paris, France, with the lovely Ludivine, her cat, our wonderful young son, the Wombat, as well as a part-time teen. ¶ Workwise, after twenty years or so as an Art Director, I am currently a Web Developer for a company in Paris. I am also called on, from time to time, to teach the History of Type & Design, and more recently, Coding & Web Design. ¶ And although it should be noted that the best job I ever had was as a Panda, that is another story altogether… ¶ When I’m not busy with all those things, you can find me reading, or scribbling down stories in a Moleskine notebook. ¶

About the name

¶ In 1999 I was looking for a name for my online activities. I wanted something that meant manual work and production and doing things. For a time it seemed that all the good names were taken. Eventually we stumbled upon, so I grabbed it. There has been lots of different stuff here over the years. Some has been lost in hard drive crashes [mine, I should point out, not my web hosts], some is still around tucked into corners. ¶ The little factory image I sometimes use has been around for many years. It was originally a simple grey-scale vectorial drawing, treated using QuarkXPress’s line-screen filter, and then saved as a snapshot. I was aiming for a sort of mechanical engraving feel. The original assets are long gone, but I keep adapting this image for each different version… ¶

last updated: Thursday, August 27th, 2009