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First published: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
1,870 words ~ spooky scale: ••••• 12+


It hurt.

They never mention that in the comic books.

It hurt like hell!

It must have hurt for them all. At first.

Except for Superman, or Kal-El, or Clark Kent, or whatever… He was born like that. But take Peter Parker. It must have hurt him… Just imagine, you’re bitten by some radio-active spider, and then you start getting urges to climb the walls. Obviously you’re using muscles and tendons and things you’ve never used before. Don’t tell me that didn’t hurt. Don’t tell me that didn’t ache and burn and smart like hell.

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a full-length novel

black as snow Juliet has just moved to the country. She doesn’t like her new school, she doesn’t like living on a stinking farm where it always rains. Then she starts seeing a pony, waiting outside at night in the rain. And she’s sure it’s waiting for her...

Before she knows it, she is called on for help by a trio of strange creatures who live in the woods nearby. And then the rabbits... Oh yes, the rabbits.

Fantasy, comedy, and more than a touch of spookiness in this strange tale where things quickly get Black as Snow.

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